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‘The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand’ ~Herbert

Nanooravia ravia 2
New monotypic genus, Nanooravia Kiran Raj & Sivad. (POACEAE), that discovered from Western Ghats, India in 2013  – Close up view (left) & Botanical illustration (right: A. Habit; B. Spikelet; C. Portion of rachis; D. Callus; I to IV. A hypothetical scenario of  Spikelet evolution in Ischaeminae (Pogonachnae) & Dimeriinae (Nanooravia, Dimerias ) See more details #8


Click the link in taxon name to get full paper (sp. nov. = New Species; gen. nov. = New Genus; ssp. nov. = New Sub species; comb. nov. = New Combination

New Genus

Nanooravia Kiran Raj & Sivad.  (gen.nov.)

New Species

(1) Ischaemum kumaracodiensis Ravi, Mohanan & Kiran Raj  (sp.nov.)

(2) Ischaemum pushpangadanii Ravi, Mohanan & Kiran Raj (sp.nov.)

(3) Chrysopogon purushothamanii Ravi, Mohanan & Kiran Raj (sp.nov.)

(4) Memecylon sivadasanii Mohanan, Ravi, Kiran Raj & Shaju (sp.nov.)

(5) Ischaemum fisherii Ravi & Kiran Raj (sp.nov.)

(6) Dimeria agasthyamalayana Kiran Raj & Ravi (sp.nov.)

(7) Dimeria veldkampii Kiran Raj & Sivad. (sp.nov.)

(8) Nanooravia santapaui (M.R.Almeida) Kiran Raj & Sivad. (comb.nov.)

(9) Dimeria raviana Kiran Raj & Sivad. (sp.nov.)

(10) Dimeria hohenackerii Hochst. ex Miq. subsp. kodaguensis Kiran Raj et al. (ssp. nov.)

*Research Review on another 6 newly described grass species from India(2010-2016)

Fig. 20-D.veldkampii-dimeria-sp.nov-woodwoodrow5

Dimeria veldkampii Kiran Raj & Sivad., a remarkable species discovered from northern Western Ghats in 2008 – Illustration (left): A. Habit A1. Diaspore B. Collar of Leaf C. Portion of rhachis D. Spikelet ; MiddleHabit of the species showing different ‘rolling stages’ of the diaspore ; Right: Close-up view of diaspore, that dispersed through ‘tachychory’ (immediate dispersal of the ripened diaspore, that rolls along the ground surface with help of wind) See  more details #7 
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