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‘The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their rights names’ ~Unknown

clero. thomsoanae
Clerodendron thomsoniae Balf. f.,  Bleeding Heart Vine (LAMIACEAE)



  • the art and science of finding evolutionary relationships between living organisms
  • Evaluate ‘evolution at work’ in Tree of life


Angiosperm File: According to APG classification (1998-I, 2003-II, 2009-III, 2016-IV)Class Magnoliopsida (Angiosperms or flowering plants) come under 8 (5 orders & 3 clades) groups : Amborellales (1 family /1 genus / 1 sp. ~ Amborella trichopoda, the most primitive angiosperm); Nymphaeales (3 family / 9 genera / ca. 80 spp.); Austrobaileyales (3 family / 5 genera / ca. 100 spp.); Chloranthales (1 family / 4 genera / ca. 70 spp.); clade magnoliids (4 orders/ ca. 9,000 spp.); clade monocots (11 orders/ ca. 70,000 spp.); Ceratophyllales (1 family / 1 genus / 6 spp.); clade eudicots (40 orders/ ca.1,75,000 spp.)

amborella_trichopoda phylogenetic_tree

Left: Amborella trichopoda, the most primitive flowering plant, an endemic shrub species, found in the mountain forests of New Caledonia Islands. Right: The position of the genus Amborella in the phylogenetic tree of Seed plants (Photo courtesy:  Atlanta Botanical Garden)

Angiosperm Diversity:  + 462 families; ca. 12,220 genera; ca. 3,52,000 spp.

  •  Top 5 families:  Asteraceae (belongs to eudicots; 1765 gen./ca.27,700 spp.); Orchidaceae (belongs to monocots; 925 gen./ca.27,100 spp.); Fabaceae (belongs to eudicots; 917 gen./ca.23,500 spp.); Rubiaceae (belongs to eudicots; 617 gen./ca.13,500 spp.); Poaceae (belongs to monocots; 777 gen./ca. 11,450 spp.) 
  • Top 5 generaEuphorbia (Euphorbiaceae) – ca. 2,400 spp.; Carex (Cyperaceae) – ca. 2000 spp.; Astragalus (Fabcaeae) – ca. 2,000spp.; Rosa (Rosaceae) – ca. 2050 spp.; Psychotria (Rubiaceae) -ca. 1500 spp.

Angiosperm flora of India: 21,764 species, 515 subspecies, 2,514 varieties, 4 sub varieties and 58 forma belonging to 3,667 genera, 271 families and 50 orders (APG III) ~ IBIS flora

Angiosperm flora of Kerala: 4709 species under 1419 genera and 184 families. Among these, 1573 ssp. are endemic to India  (869 spp. to Western Ghats; 239 spp. exclusively to Kerala State). Dominant families are Poaceae (411 spp. under 120 genera), Orchidaceae (266 ssp./ 79 genera) , Leguminosae / Fabaceae s.s –Papilionoideae / Faboideae (261 spp./ 57 genera), Rubiaceae (232 spp / 16 genera), & Cyperaceae (202 spp./21 genera) ~ GRASSNEST

Refs:  The Plantlist > IPNI > Plant Status Report 


Plants of the World: Taxonomy, uses, illustrations and descriptions on all plants

Floristic Accounts: e-floraworld > e-flora India > e-checklist Kerala

Taxonomy Databases: DELTA >  E-monocot >  RBG KewScience

World flora online: Consortium of global partnership for plants conservation

Taxonomy Browser : Kingdoms of Life Barcoded

Taxonomy Resource: Public sequence Database of Organisms

Taxonomy Literature:  7 vols.+ Supplements & Botanical Latin Dictionary

Geological Time Scale: Evolutionary timeline of organisms

Taxonomy Tools: Global Taxonomic Initiative resource pages

International Code of Nomenclature (ICN): For Algae, Fungi & Plants

Index Herbariorum (IH): A Global Directory of Public Herbaria and Associated Staff

Index to Botanists, Botanical Publications, Specimens & Images

Cyber Taxonomy ; Plant Illustrations ; Images


Clematis gouriana Roxb. (RANUNCULACEAE)Clematis gauiriana

Medicinal  Uses: Root paste- curing stomachache,  dysentery, leucoderma; Leaf paste- healing wounds

Molecular status: Public Data Portal 

Taxonomic status: ipni; plantlist ; APG



Top 15 Journals (with Impact Factor @ 2013) in Plant Systematics

3.051 Taxon , 2.699 Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society , 1.648 Journal of Systematics and Evolution,  1.462 Flora , 1.376 Phytotaxa , 1.154 Plant Systematics and Evolution,  1.146 Australian Systematic Botany , 1.106 Systematic Botany,  0.844 Nordic journal of Botany , 0.809 Botanical Studies , 0.696 Bangladesh Journal of Plant Taxonomy , 0.375 Blumea , 0.480 Adansonia , 0.440 Candollea , 0.279 Novon 

Articles @ Scenario of Indian Systematics research

Global biodiversity crisis and priorities in Indian plant systematicsTaxonomy – the science and art of species , The impact factor and taxonomy , A Review on Plant Taxonomy: Past, Present and Future , Conserve the endangered science, taxonomy , Future of taxonomy in the 21st century – whither or wither , A Review on An Introduction to Taxonomy , Role of funding agencies for the betterment of taxonomy , Plant Taxonomy , Death sentence on taxonomy in India , Linneaus 300: Tips for tinkering morphological Taxonomy , Taxonomy, Palaeobotany & Biodiversity , Importance of Botanical Nomenclature in Taxonomy & Biodiversity , Techniques in Plant Taxonomy , Taxonomy matters , ‘Species concept’ in microbial taxonomy and systematics , Taxonomy – the science and art of species , Plant Taxonomy in a new perspective: DNA barcoding , Systematics and biodiversity research in India , Future of systematics and research in India , Plant biodiversity conservation and role of botanists , Global biodiversity hotspots in India: significant yet under studied


* Here, the page largely referred to Plant taxonomy & Angiosperm systematics; updated in 2013 

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